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  1. Thanks for the effort of making and keeping up this podcast! As an aspiring thru hiker I love listening to it, and gobble up the information and stories. At the same time it makes me a bit sad – sounds like there is not much solitude found any more on the PCT, and sometimes more of a mobile burning man party instead of wilderness… Anyways, thanks for your good work, good luck on the last miles and I will at least contribute a humble pizza. 😉

    • Remember that this podcast comes from the perspective of someone intentionally hiking northbound in the middle of the herd. You can still find much more solitude by hiking southbound, hiking early or late, or flip-flopping the trail to avoid the crowds. Of course, if you are really seeking a more “pure” wilderness experience, you may be more interested in less popular, but equally beautiful trails, such as the CDT or the PNT. Thanks for listening!

  2. Hi, Ratatouille,

    Just a note to thank you for your excellent podcasts! You have provided some great insights about the trail and your vivid descriptions brought the trail to life. Bravo!

    Since you’ve asked listeners to send in any questions, I was wondering about your overall experience using your hammock on the PCT. Were there any areas where a hammock was more of a hindrance than a help, such as in the desert? Or was going to the ground not a problem? Were there any areas in which a hammock was much more useful than a tent, such as Washington, which I’m guessing has more uneven or muddy camp spots?

    I’ve only seen one other hammocker in the desert and none in the Sierra. Did you see many other hammockers?

    I will next be on the trail in May, hiking from Cajon Pass to Walker Pass, blisters willing. I suppose that’s another question: were you fairly satisfied with your gear choices? My biggest frustration has been with shoes and inserts—after a variety of changes, I’ve minimized the pain, but haven’t eliminated it, and keep thinking that there must be a way to hike without limping from raw wounds.

    Since you’ve had some time to reflect, are there any changes that you would make for your next hike in either mileage or hiking style? I’ve noticed that hiking either near or in a group is far more interesting that hiking alone for days on end.

    Thanks again for your excellent podcasts!


    Norman “Big Tipper” Stephens

  3. Good Morning,
    I just heard first podcast this morning. I wanted to reply to you about the need for someone to transcribeing the podcast for who having hearing problems. This is something I would enjoy doing for you. I myself am visually impaired so listening to the podcast is GREAT for me it is like I get to live the experience thru listening. I am just fininding out about the PCT I live in GA so I know more about the AT instead but have yet to hike any of it but have been listening to Sounds of the Trail as well. Anyway I would love to help if you still need someone. Please let me know and keep up the good work!!

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