15 comments on “Episode 1 – “It Will Ruin You”

  1. This is awesome, I was glued to my headphones listening to the first cast. I look forward to hearing the rest of them! Maybe ill see you on the trail this year!2015!!!

  2. WOW, thanks for approaching you adventure in this manner. I appreciate the time investment you are committing to, yet the human connection this will generate will be inspiring. I will pass this on to friends and family. If you are considering additional interviews you may want to look at the 2013 PCT blog of two amazing young women. Great writing, insight and friendship – – here is the link:

    • Thanks for sharing that blog! I hadn’t seen it before, and they are both excellent writers. I like how they each have a very unique voice, but they are both really funny.

      (BTW, on my thru-hike I’ll be wearing the jersey of your NBA namesake, Wes Matthews.)

  3. Nice interviews. Great insight. Love the format because it allows me to do other things while listening so I don’t feel as glued to the screen. Your mom is a great source of inspiration and awesomeness. “cue awesome sone” Looking forward to your up and coming journey

    -Also tending a dehydrator.

  4. Hi Uncle Daniel,
    I liked lisining to grandma Mary on the radio. Hav fun on your trip Uncle Daniel.

    • Thanks, Elodie! I’m glad you enjoyed listening. I’m sure your grandma will appreciate it, too. Thanks for taking the time to let us know you liked it.

      I hope you have a great summer. Please say hello to your parents and your sister for me!

      – Uncle Daniel

  5. i couldnt hear exactly what is the name of the website for the snow report, and get out of kennedy meadows date, what is the website?

    • The website Paul mentions is postholer.com. He gives June 6 as the suggested date for leading Kennedy Meadows. I’ve usually heard June 15 for a typical snow year, however this year is such a low snow year that one could easily leave KM in May– unless there is significant snowfall between now and then.

  6. Love your podcast–really smart and insightful! Thanks for tackling topics with greater depth, and speaking about the experience of backpacking.

    Just got off the trail after a month-long backpacking trip, and hearing about other hiker’s experiences with the post-hike transition period made me feel much better. Or at least more normal. Thanks for telling it like it is!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Joan. I hope your latest adventure was awesome and that post-hike life carries some positives along with the negatives.

  7. Hi Ratatouie!

    I’m really enjoying following along with your adventure via podcast after Ruby Reid (who you met at Kickoff) put the word out.


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