5 comments on “Episode 19 – “Anish”

  1. Regardless of FKTs Heather is an inspiration. Amazing story of personal growth gained through LD hiking, knowing you are in the right place at the right time doing what you know you were called to, and giving 100%.

    Truly outstanding honesty, gifted communication, transparency, and courage without all the sugar coating while keeping FKTs in a larger context of the primary goals and not letting the records result in unnecessary hubris or controversy.

    We could learn so much from Heather…beyond records.


  2. Check out Heather’s TED talk too. I felt myself holding back tears. Kindred soul. So much more substantial to Heather than just records.

    If she can translate what she has done in her LIFE to inspiring others to follow through as a personal trainer it would represent the epitome of personal training.

  3. Anish is such a humble and wonderful inspiration. She moves like a ghost through our consciousness and leaves an afterimage or encouragement.

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