4 comments on “Episode 2 – “Talking With Wired”

  1. Wired: You carry guidebooks though, or pages of guidebooks, on your hikes, right? You say that you never carry books. Can’t imagine hiking the CDT without a guide.

    • Good question, was that me or Sage that said that? In my case, most things are scanned and on my phone as reference, but the essential maps have been divided into sections in my resupplies each leg, so I usually carry about 5 sheets per leg if they are printed back to back…

  2. Excellent podcast! Your interviewing skills are already superb! I enjoyed this episode very much and really look forward to more and when your on the trail. Though I’m way behind you so I guess you’ve already been there? Off to check dates and see what your up to in real time…Hm..It’s kind of fun not knowing cause this way I feel like I’m preparing/going on the hike with you, if that makes sense.

    Valiant aka Angela
    Yes I gave myself a trail name until such time someone else can give me one. 🙂

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