4 comments on “Episode 7 – “No Regrets, No Tears, No Worries, No Fears”

  1. Ratta two E,

    My Spelling is terrible.
    Keep up the good work. This is like the oral tradition of the trail. We have all seen pictures of old hikers but what a treasure to capture there voices. I have a recording of my father singing a solo part with his old barbershop group, it’s almost like he is in the room with me again when I hear it.
    If you have a moment let me know where you’re at. i’ll be at Chimney Peak campground north of Walker Pass this weekend.

    Best of luck, “May your feet be as strong as your will” 1976 hiker posted at the border


    • It was very touching hearing you talk about this Paul! It’s so great for my family and I to see the vast impact my father had.

  2. Your podcast is awesome. The first 7 have been packed full of great information and wisdom. If the levels don’tpeak out, the background soundscape works. Don’t fret, the wind did sound good too 😉 Continued safe travels and hopefully less gear headaches. 🙂

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