4 comments on “Learning the Art of the Interview

  1. Absolutely Fantastic! I dont know how I will keep up to date with your I yer views on the trail…but I am gonna try! Pure Platinum!!!

    • Thanks! The episodes will be hour-long mp3’s. If you have a smartphone with any podcast listening app (including iTunes) you will be able to access Trailside Radio just like any other podcast. Episodes can also be downloaded from this website. I will attempt to keep the file size small enough that it will be practical for listeners who are also on the trail.

  2. I think you have the right approach. Listening is a good skill in interviewing. Looking forward to hearing the interviews, as well as more posts from you. Thanks more making your journey public.

  3. I love getting to see photos of who you interview, and I really love your interview style. For me, it really sets your podcast apart from others that can’t hold back from interrupting and/or telling their own story. Not to mention – great sound quality! (I think I’m officially a groupie).

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