5 comments on “Obstacles and Delays

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having podcast issues while on the trail. I hope your hike is going well besides that. I really enjoyed your podcast episodes and hope there are more to come.

    • Thanks, Josh! There are definitely more to come… I have 4 new episodes in various states of completion, I’m just still struggling to find a couple new apps to finish up the post-production process. Once I figure out a solution, I should have new episodes coming out every week as promised, especially since I’m now about a month ahead with recording and editing.

  2. Your podcasts are a pleasure to listen to! Please keep up the excellent work. I am amazed that you can both thru-hike and podcast, so some delay is certainly understandable. It is as if you are undertaking two Herculean tasks simultaneously—not sure how you do it, but I am impressed!

    I just completed another section in May, from Ziggy’s to Cajon Pass, and was surprised to spot your name in the register at the water cooler near Silverwood Lake. Missed you by four days; had I been able to catch up, I would have been delighted to buy you a meal at the nearest location. Instead, I’ll leave a donation, and you have my best wishes for more great podcasts. I am now enjoying them from a beach in Thailand.

    Hang in there,


    • Thank you so much, Norman! I just had a scare today when I lost my phone containing 3 new finished episodes… but I just found it by the roadside! This weekend I’ll be uploading all the episodes to be automatically released on the next 3 Tuesdays… but I’m planning to email links to you and a couple other contributors so that (if everything works properly) you can listen to the episodes early if you so choose.

      Thanks again!

  3. Looking forward to listening to the next installments – I’ve got a friend hiking the PCT right now and am enjoying hearing about the adventures and challenges you and other hikers encounter while out on the trail. Best of luck!

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