4 comments on “Ratatouille’s PCT Gear List

  1. Thanks for this; I’ll be interested to hear how each piece of gear holds up, and whether you swap anything out along the way. Two questions:
    – The pack-mounted microphones are interesting! I’d imagine you’d pick up a lot of “crunch, crunch, crunch” as you plod along? What else do you hope to capture?
    – How long would it take to charge all of your podcasting gear (recorder, phone, and battery pack) via the solar charger in full sunlight?

    • I’m not using the pack-mounted microphones while walking because it creates too much noise. But if I encounter a sound I want to record, I can stand still and capture it within seconds. If I really want to record while hiking, I’ll hold the microphones (or just the recorder) in front of me, but I don’t plan to do this often as the sound of my footsteps in every episode would become tedious.

      The effectiveness of the solar charger is difficult to put in those terms, as “full sun” is always relative. Pointed directly at strong sunlight it seems to charge my phone almost as fast as a wall outlet. When the panel is strapped to the top of a backpack while hiking, the efficiency becomes much less consistent. I’m sure I’ll be relying on both the solar panel and occasional recharging stops in town, especially as I get further north. If I need to, I’ll add another external battery. The PCM-M10 recorder itself is not rechargeable, but runs for 24+ hours on 2 AA batteries.

  2. I’ve got the deuce of spades myself, and I am wondering if yours held up against all the varied trail conditions, if you added a handle wrap or modified it in any way; dying to know!

    • No modifications, and it held up great! Best poop shovel I’ve ever used, for sure… and I have a pretty sizeable collection of poop shovels. I also used it as an extra tent stake from time to time, especially in loose sandy ground where it would hold better than my MSR groundhog stakes.

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