6 comments on “Ratatouille’s Trail Food

  1. Man, do you rock! I have yet to listen to the interviews. I do plan to one day soon. Also, I will be online with every post from the trail, encouraging you on.

  2. Brave and talented. I have a hard enough time mixing and cooking palatable food at home…can’t imagine trying to do it with dehydrated ingredients at the end of a long hike day.

  3. Have you tried using zip top pill bags for your spices? EZ Dose uses lightweight plastic; The Pill Bag is heavier weight.

    • I have, but in my experience they don’t hold up very well after a few days, and eventually spices start to leak. I know some people have good experiences with them, so perhaps I’m just not careful enough. I prefer my twist tie method because I find it to be more reliable, plus I can make each bag exactly the size I need.

  4. im just getting into this taking my own food that i have dried! i always care mountain house but its been getting harder t find theses days do im having to get creative! im thinking this will help. thanks for posting and giving in-site on this…Marsha

  5. New listener here-
    Wow! This is ingenious! These look so healthy and much more delicious than what I imagine store bought freeze dried dinners to be. I’ve never used a dehydrator but my friend had one and all I remember is how many cherries it took to make a tiny amount of dehydrated food-ideal for your situation.
    I would love to hear about some recipes using these ingredients. I don’t know how cook at home without a recipe to follow.

    Thank you for this podcast. I have a few chronic illnesses so I doubt I’ll ever hike but I am enjoying living vicariously through you and the people you interview. Have you run into hikers who hike while coping with chronic illness?

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